Who gets headaches?
Headaches affect approximately two-thirds of the population. Headaches are often seen in those with poor posture, office workers and people under stress. This kind of headache is called a ‘cervical headache’.

Typical Presentaion
A person working for long periods at a desk with a poor posture is most at risk of developing a cervical headache. Maintaining a poor posture for long periods can lead to tight muscles and joints in the neck, shoulders and upper back which in turn manifest themselves as a headache.

What causes Headaches?
Cervical headaches are caused by the stiffness and tightness of the joints, muscles, fascia and nerves in the neck, presenting as a constant, steady, dull ache, often on the forehead, temples or the back of the head. There is often a history of trauma, such as a ‘whiplash’ injury or repetitive trauma at work or during sporting activities. The onset is usually gradual and may be present for days, weeks or months and is often associated with neck pain and stiffness.

Treatment includes:
Mobilisation and manipulation of the joints in the neck
Stretching and strengthening of the muscles in the neck
Massage to tight muscles in the neck and shoulders
Postural retraining.

At The Physiotherapy And Injury Centre we guide the patient through a personalised rehabilitation program to correct the current problem and prevent further headache recurrence.